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Air Premia, as a partner in the customer’s journey, works hard to offer a balanced premium to its customers.

  • HL8387
  • HL8517
  • HL8388
  • HL8516
  • HL8389

Air Premia operates Boeing 787-9 aircrafts that are referred to as the aircrafts of dreams.
The aircraft, made of carbon composite materials, is sturdier yet lighter than ever. An innovation in the interior materials has also helped to improve the cabin environment. You can now enjoy a pleasant level of humidity, reduced noise and optimized air in the cabin for greater satisfaction during the flight. The Boeing 787-9 boasts a longer cruising distance and improved fuel efficiency compared to existing aircrafts and is thus the most optimal model for mid-to-long haul routes.

Seat layout of the aircraft
Seat layoutPremium EconomyEconomy
Number of seats56253
Distance between rows42 inch
35 inch
Width of seats20 inch
18 inch
[object Object]Premium Economy
[object Object]Economy
Emergency exit seatEmergency exit seat
[object Object]Seat for passengers with disabilities
[object Object]Baby bassinet
Specifications of the aircraft
Specifications of the aircraft
Seats309 seats
Seat categoryPremium Economy, Economy
Cruise speed913km/h
Maximum cruising distance15,500 km
Maximum cruising altitude43,100ft
Maximum weight at takeoff247,207kg
Length of the aircraft62.8m
Width of the wings60.1 m
Height of the tail wing17m
Registration of the aircraft
Registration of the aircraft
Aircraft model B787-9
Registration number/Month and year of manufacturingHL8387/2021.04.01