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You can enjoy comfort even on trips with infants.

Criteria to be considered an infant

  • After birth 7 days to less than 24 months (as of the date of boarding)
  • 1 adult may travel with up to 1 infant. If 1 adult is traveling with 2 infants, 1 infant seat ticket must be purchased as a child fare and a car seat must be brought.


  • 10% of adult fare

Baggage allowance for infants

  • One baggage up to 10kg(22lbs) + one stroller, infant safety seat or bassinet

For those bringing a stroller, infant safety seat or bassinet

  • Strollers allowed to be brought into the cabin: Foldable strollers (with a sum of the length of three sides being 115cm or less)
    (However, if space is lacking in the cabin, the stroller may be checked in at the gate)
  • Strollers as checked-in baggage
  • Where to check in baggage: Check-in counter or boarding gate
  • Where to claim checked-in baggage: Baggage claim area of the destination or in front of the boarding gate of the destination
    (However, pick-up of the stroller in front of the boarding gate may not be an option depending on the circumstances of the overseas airport.)
Infant or children safety seat (car seat)
  • You may use a car seat on board if you have prepared one.
  • Eligibility: Children or infants with a purchased child fare
  • Criteria for use: Car seats that have been approved for their use on flights, as certified by the FAA(up to 43cm in width)
  • Please inquire to the Booking Center in advance.
    (Its use may be restricted in cases where no booking has been made at least 48 hours before departure or depending on the seating situation on the aircraft)
  • Bassinets are provided to passengers of international flights who have made an advance request.
  • Criteria for use: Up to 74cm (2.42 ft) in height and up to 11kg (24.25 lbs) in weight
  • Additional information:
  • You must purchase in advance a seat where a bassinet can be installed.
  • Booking of services should be made at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight through Reservations
  • Note
  • Only a limited number of bassinets are available and therefore not all requests may be honored.
  • Seats that were purchased in advance may be cancelled or refunded until 48 hours before departure.
    (However, refunds may be offered in cases where the flight is cancelled due to the circumstances of the airline, including delays)
  • If changing/cancelling an itinerary,
  • Seats that were purchased in advanced are automatically cancelled and refunded if the cancellation or change is made at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Seats that were purchased less than 48 hours before the flight departure shall be automatically cancelled, In this case, no refund.
  • Refunds and cancellations can be made on the website or through Reservations
  • If the criteria are not met, the use of bassinet will not be allowed even if an advance booking has been made. Nor will a refund for the seat be available.
  • Bassinet services are not available for flights to nowhere.


  • The age of infants is calculated as of the date of boarding the first flight.​
    • Age is calculated as of the boarding date. Even for roundtrips, the reference date is the boarding date of the each flight.
  • When checking in, please prepare an official document to verify the date of birth.
  • No separate seats are offered to infants. The infant’s guardian should hold the infant on his/her lap.
  • If you apply for an in-flight meal (infant meal) for an infant who does not occupy a seat, it will be provided with the in-flight meal of the reservation person (accompanied adult).
  • In the case that an infant needs a seat or one adult is accompanied by two infants, a children’s fare is applied to one infant.
  • For passengers convenience and in-flight safety, travel amenities that may restrict access to emergency exits/aisles or disturb other passengers are not allowed to be used in the cabin.
    (e.g. Bed Box, Fly Legs Up, Fly-Tot, Plane Pal, Inflatable Cube, and any other similar items)

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