Special Assistance

Unaccompanied Minors/Youth

We offer safe and comfortable services to unaccompanied minors/youth.


Unaccompanied minors(UM) Available for children ages older than 5 and less than 12 years old
Young passenger traveling alone(YPTA) Available for children ages older than 12 and less than 17 years old

Information on fares

Unaccompanied minors(UM) Adult fares as designated by Air Premia
+ KRW 100,000 per service segment (per person/one-way/departure from Korea)
Young passenger traveling alone(YPTA) Adult fares as designated by Air Premia
+ KRW 100,000 per service segment (per person/one-way/departure from Korea)

Additional information

  • Departure point: A staff member will assist with the check-in and boarding, before being handed over to the flight attendant.
  • During the flight: The flight attendant in charge will take particular care of the child passenger to provide comfort.
  • Destination: The staff member in charge will take over from the flight attendant and help the child passenger claim baggage and go through immigration. Then, the child passenger is handed over to the guardian at the destination.

How to apply for the services


  • Hand-over by a guardian (age 18 or older) is mandatory at departure and arrival.​
  • The service is only available for segments directly operated by the company, and not available for flights connected to another company.
  • If the application is made on the day of travel without prior booking at least 48 hours before departure, travel may be prohibited.​
  • The necessary forms for the unaccompanied minors(i.e. the application form for unaccompanied minor for carriage and the declaration of parent guardian) should be filled out in advance to be submitted at the check-in counter at the airport on the day of travel. If the necessary forms are not prepared and submitted, the requested services may not be offered.
  • Vietnam UM Policy
  • Unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for children older than 5 and younger than 14 years old when travelling alone to Vietnam without parents or guardians.
  • Unaccompanied minors traveling without their parents or trveling alone should fill out a consent form(ENG) prior to departure and a consent form written in Vietnamese or English should be notarized
  • Passengers under the age of 14 with their parents must bring an family relationship certificate in English.
    A consent form(sample)바로가기

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