In-flight Wi-Fi

As an airline that streamline unnecessary elements, delivering premium offerings exclusively where essential, Air Premia offers Wi-Fi connection during your flight.

How to Use the In-flight Wi-Fi

  • 1 HOUR CHAT is free for any passengers on Air Premia. (starting 1st May, 2024)
    This service is currently available only on some aircraft, although we are working on expanding it to all aircraft.
  • For new plans, depending on your plan tier, you can send and receive text messages, use mail, browse the internet, watch videos, and more.
  • This service is typically available 15 minutes after takeoff. (above 10,000 ft / 3,048m)
  • This service is available only on the flight you booked.


PriceFreeUSD 9.95
USD 5.95
USD 29.95
USD 16.95
USD 39.95
USD 29.95
Chat apps
Whats App, iMessage, etc.

File transfers are limited


File transfers are limited

Web Surfing--OO
Social Media--OO
Cloud Service--OO
Audio Streaming--OO
Video Streaming---O

How to Connect

Step 01
how to connect 1
Turn on 'Airplane Mode' on your personal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and select 'Air Premia' from the Wi-Fi settings list.
Step 02
how to connect 2
Scan the QR code in the material [In-flight Wi-Fi Guide] from the pocket in front of your seat or access the menu [Internet > Wi-Fi] on the in-flight entertainment monitor screen, and you will then move to the In-flight Wi-Fi plan purchase screen.
Step 03
how to connect 3
Select the plan you want and enter your payment information to use the In-Flight Wi-Fi Service.

How to Optimize

For a seamless Wi-Fi experience, we recommend the following personal device settings.

  • Turn on Power Saving Mode in your personal device.
  • Applications that require real-time simultaneous access and heavy data usage, such as mobile games, may not be available.
  • Turn off Automatic Media Download and Background App Refresh.
  • Satellite issues, weather conditions, out-of-service areas, technical issues, or unforeseen circumstances may lead to lower connection speeds or service unavailability.
  • Streaming high-definition video or uploading/downloading large files may lead to lower connection speeds or service unavailability.
  • Plans are subject to change without notice in accordance with Air Premia In-flight Wi-Fi policy.
  • Some services on each plan may be limited.
  • If you are unable to use in-flight Wi-Fi due to system issues after purchase, please contact us within 20 days from the time of purchase. Please submit an inquiry to ‘[email protected]’ by attaching the receipt that includes the purchase reference.


Can I transfer files?

Can I stream video?

Can I make internet calls or video conferencing?

Can I pause my purchased plan?

Do you need assistance? Please leave your question via e-mail ([email protected]) if you did not find the information you were looking for.
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