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You can enjoy comfort even on trips with infants.

Criteria to be considered an infant

  • After birth 7 days to less than 24 months (as of the date of boarding)
  • 1 adult may travel with up to 1 infant. If 1 adult is traveling with 2 infants, 1 infant seat ticket must be purchased as a child fare and a car seat must be brought.


  • 10% of adult fare

Baggage allowance for infants

  • One baggage up to 10kg(22lbs) + one stroller, infant safety seat or bassinet

For those bringing a stroller, infant safety seat or bassinet

  • Strollers allowed to be brought into the cabin: Foldable strollers (with a sum of the length of three sides being 115cm or less)
  • (However, if space is lacking in the cabin, the stroller may be checked in at the gate)
  • Strollers as checked-in baggage
  • - Where to check in baggage: Check-in counter or boarding gate
  • - Where to claim checked-in baggage: Baggage claim area of the destination or in front of the boarding gate of the destination
  • (However, pick-up of the stroller in front of the boarding gate may not be an option depending on the circumstances of the overseas airport.)

  • Infant or children safety seat (car seat)

    • * You may use a car seat on board if you have prepared one. (Installation is possible with the look ahead position.)
    • Eligibility: Children or infants with a purchased child fare
    • Criteria for use: Car seats that have been approved for their use on flights, as certified by the FAA(up to 43cm in width)
    • Please inquire to the Booking Center in advance.
    • (Its use may be restricted in cases where no booking has been made at least 48 hours before departure or depending on the seating situation on the aircraft)

  • Bassinet

    • * Bassinets are provided to passengers of international flights who have made an advance request.
    • Criteria for use: Up to 74cm (2.42 ft) in height and up to 11kg (24.25 lbs) in weight
    • Additional information:
      • - You must purchase in advance a seat where a bassinet can be installed.
      • - Booking of services should be made at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight through Reservations
    • Note
      • - Only a limited number of bassinets are available and therefore not all requests may be honored.
      • - Seats that were purchased in advance may be cancelled or refunded until 48 hours before departure.
      • (However, refunds may be offered in cases where the flight is cancelled due to the circumstances of the airline, including delays)
      • - If changing/cancelling an itinerary,
        • Seats that were purchased in advanced are automatically cancelled and refunded if the cancellation or change is made at least 48 hours before departure.
        • Seats that were purchased less than 48 hours before the flight departure shall be automatically cancelled, In this case, no refund.
      • - Refunds and cancellations can be made on the website or through Reservations
      • - If the criteria are not met, the use of bassinet will not be allowed even if an advance booking has been made. Nor will a refund for the seat be available.
      • - Service may not be available if aircraft registration is changed.


  • The age of infants is calculated as of the date of boarding the first flight.
  • - Age is calculated as of the boarding date. Even for roundtrips, the reference date is the boarding date of the each flight.
  • When checking in, please prepare an official document to verify the date of birth.
  • No separate seats are offered to infants. The infant’s guardian should hold the infant on his/her lap.
  • If you apply for an in-flight meal (infant meal) for an infant who does not occupy a seat, it will be provided with the in-flight meal of the reservation person (accompanied adult).
  • In the case that an infant needs a seat or one adult is accompanied by two infants, a children’s fare is applied to one infant.
  • For passengers convenience and in-flight safety, travel amenities that may restrict access to emergency exits/aisles or disturb other passengers are not allowed to be used in the cabin.
  • (e.g. Bed Box, Fly Legs Up, Fly-Tot, Plane Pal, Inflatable Cube, and any other similar items)

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