Plans for services catering to air transport passengers

Under the “Criteria for the Protection of Air Transport Passengers,” Air Premia shall post the following service plans.

1. In the case of a passenger being denied boarding due to over-booking

  • Air Premia shall apply fair and consistent rules to passengers who are unable to board due to over-booking on the flight.
  • If it is anticipated that a customer who purchased a flight ticket will not be able to board due to over-booking on the flight, Air Premia shall seek volunteers who are willing to take a later flight to minimize the number of involuntary passengers. If, despite such efforts, there are still passengers who are unable to board despite their wish to do so, Air Premia shall offer compensation in accordance with the “Criteria for Consumer Dispute Resolution”.

2. In the case of baggage damage

  • Air Premia shall do its best to ensure customers’ baggage to be safely handed over. However, if the baggage is lost or damaged due to an inevitable situation, the issue shall be addressed in a fair and prompt manner, and the customer shall be notified of how the case is handled in the shortest time possible.
  • Air Premia shall bear liability for the losses incurred from the loss or damage of checked-in baggage if the cause of such losses occurred during the period in the aircraft when the checked-in baggage was under the management of Air Premia. However, Air Premia shall not bear liability if the losses were due to the innate defect, unique nature or hidden defects of the checked-in baggage.
  • Air Premia shall bear liability for the losses incurred from the loss or damage of checked-in baggage within the scope defined under international conventions such as the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention, as well as Korean law. However, in the case that the passenger declares in advance the anticipated value of the baggage as of the time of its handover at the destination, a certain fee is charged at the time the baggage is checked in. Unless Air Premia can prove that the declared value exceeds the actual value of the checked-in baggage at the time of its hand-over at the destination, Air Premia shall bear liability up to the declared value.
  • Air Premia shall bear liability for losses incurred from a delay in baggage. However, Air Premia shall not bear liability in cases where it can prove that all reasonably required measures were taken to prevent the losses of Air Premia or its users or their agents, or that such measures could not have been taken.

3. Information on the cancellation, refund or change of flight tickets

  • If the flight ticket is sold in the Republic of Korea, Air Premia will offer information on the fees for cancelling, refunding or changing the flight ticket, conditions for such fees to be waived and the time period during which such cancellations, refunds or changes may be made.

4. Measures taken in case of a delay during the transit area of the aircraft

  • Air Premia shall make efforts not to delay international flights in excess of 4 hours and domestic flights in excess of 3 hours in the transit area with passengers boarded on the aircraft. However, such rules shall not apply in cases where the weather, government orders, safety or security concerns impose the need for such a delay, or if taking a detour to the gate or deplaning in areas other than the gate may cause material disruption in the operation of the airport.
  • If a delay within the transit area continues for 2 hours or longer, Air Premia shall offer appropriate refreshments and food. However, there may be exceptions if offering of such services is deemed to pose a safety or security risk.
  • During a delay in the transit area, passengers shall be informed and given an update on the situation every 30 minutes.

5. Measures taken in cases of changes that occur after the sale of the flight ticket

  • The original flight schedule that was sold by Air Premia may not be honored in the case of a change in business plans, non-approval of business plans by the government, delays of 30 minutes or more, or cancellation of the flight. The latest flight schedule shall be notified on the company’s website.
  • In the case of a change in flight schedule, Air Premia shall notify its passengers via text message on mobile phones, email, phone or postal mail. However, changes occurring near the departure time(i.e. 30 minutes within departure of domestic flights and 1 hour within departure of international flights) shall be given via announcements at the airport.

6. Provision of information

  • If the flight tickets are sold by Air Premia, the baggage fees, free weight allowance and number of pieces are informed through the e-ticket and the website.
  • Air Premia informs its passengers that the aircraft the passenger may board may not be an Air Premia flight in the case of code share flights and that there may be a difference in fares between the company that sold the ticket and the company operating the flight. Passengers are also notified via their e-ticket of the airline that will process the check-in and the baggage allowance policies that will actually be enforced.
  • The layout of the cabin, including the structure of the seats and the location of emergency exits, is posted on the company’s website.
  • If policies regarding baggage fees and free baggage allowance change, it shall be posted on the website at least for three months.

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