Terms and conditions for the use of the website

Article 1 (Objective)

This set of terms and conditions seek to define the rights, obligations and liabilities of the users of the internet services(“services”) offered by Air Premia Co., Ltd.(“Air Premia”) through its web.

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

  1. “Air Premia Web” refers to the virtual sales forum(i.e. web and application) that has been established for the transaction of goods and services using IT telecom equipment such as computers, in order for Air Premia to offer its services to the users.
  2. “Users” refer to members and non-members that receive the services offered by Air Premia through “Air Premia web,” in accordance with this set of terms and conditions.
  3. “Member” refers to those who have registered as a member on “Air Premia Web” and who can continue to use the services offered by Air Premia.
  4. ”Non-member” refers to those who use the services offered by Air Premia without joining the membership.

Article 3 (Stipulation, explanation and revision of the terms and conditions)

  1. Air Premia presents the content of these terms and conditions, the name of the company and its CEO, the address of its offices, contact information(e.g. phone and FAX numbers), business registration number and its telecommunication sales business report number on the first page of the Air Premia Web for users to easily see. However, the content of the terms and conditions can be made to be viewable through the connecting page.
  2. Air Premia holds the rights to amend these terms and conditions within the scope that does not violate relevant laws including the Law on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, The Law on Regulations of Terms and Conditions, Basic Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Transactions, Electronic Financial Transactions Act, Electronic Signature Act, the Law on the Promotion of Information Telecommunication Network Use and Data Protection, the Law on Sales through Home Visits and Basic Act on Consumers.
  3. In the case of an amendment of the terms and conditions, Air Premia shall post the reasons for amendment, the effective date and the existing terms and conditions on its website at least 7 days prior to the effective date and until the day prior to the effective date. However, in the case that the amendment is disadvantageous to the user, it will be posted at least 30 days in advance of the effective date.
  4. In such a case Air Premia shall make it easy to compare the before and after versions of the amendment.
  5. The amended version shall only apply to contracts signed after the effective date. Contracts signed before the effective date shall have the previous terms and conditions applied. However, in the case that a user that had already signed a contract communicates to Air Premia during the public posting period of amendment that he wishes to have the amended terms and conditions applied in accordance with Clause 3 and gains approval from Air Premia, the amended terms and conditions shall apply.
  6. Items not stipulated in these terms and conditions and the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall follow the Law on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, the Law on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions and the Guidelines for Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, relevant laws and commercial custom.

Article 4 (Provision and change of services)

  1. Air Premia Web shall provide the following services.
    • 1)Services related to the booking and purchase of flight tickets
    • 2)Services offered by Air Premia
    • 3)Other services as designated by Air Premia
  2. Air Premia may add or adjust services as it deems fit.

Article 5 (Suspension of services)

  1. In the case of a maintenance and repair, breakdown or replacement of equipment, or interruption in the telecommunication network, Air Premia may temporarily suspend its services.
  2. Air Premia shall not bear liability for losses incurred by the user or a third party as a result of the temporary service suspension for causes stipulated in Clause 1. However, an exception shall be made if there has been a deliberate act or material fault of Air Premia.
  3. In the case that services can no longer be offered due to a change in the business areas, an abandonment of the business or a merger, Air Premia shall notify the users using methods stipulated in Article 8 and offer compensation to the consumers in accordance with the conditions that Air Premia had initially presented. However, in the case that Air Premia had not notified the criteria for compensation, users shall be paid in cash or in kind for airmiles or points.

Article 6 (Becoming a member)

  1. Users apply to become a member by filling out their personal information in the form as designated by Air Premia and expressing their consent to these terms and conditions.
  2. Air Premia shall register the user unless they fall under any of the following categories
    • 1)If an individual who applied for membership has a history of having lost his membership under Article 7 Clause 3 of these terms and conditions. However, an exception shall be made to individuals who have had three years passed since the loss of member status under Article 7 Clause 3 and who gained approval for re-joining the membership from Air Premia.
    • 2)If the registered information is false, missing certain parts or incorrect
    • 3)If registration of the individual as a member is deemed to go against the policies of Air Premia
  3. The membership contract is deemed to have been signed at the time the approval by Air Premia reaches the member.
  4. If there has been changes to the information that had been submitted at the time of joining the membership, the member shall immediately notify Air Premia using one of the methods for updating personal information.
  5. All information entered at the time of applying for membership shall be considered accurate. Any disadvantages due to missing or inaccurate information shall be borne by the member.

Article 7 (Leaving the membership or loss of member status)

  1. Members may at any time request to leave the Air Premia membership. Air Premia shall immediately process such requests.
  2. If a member falls under any of the following categories, Air Premia may restrict or suspend the member’s status.
    • 1)In the event a member dies
    • 2)When false information has been entered at the time of applying for membership or there has been dual registration using two or more IDs.
    • 3)When illegal or inappropriate acts have been committed, including obstructing others’ use of the Air Premia Web or theft of other users’ information
    • 4)When the member refuses to make the payment for the flight tickets purchased on Air Premia Web or refuses to fulfill their debt or obligations after using the services provided by Air Premia.
  3. If the same act is committed two or more times after Air Premia restricts/suspends a member’s status, or if the cause of such restriction or suspension is not corrected within 30 days, Air Premia may take away the member status.
  4. In the case that Air Premia takes away the member status, the registration as a member is deleted. In such a case, the member is notified and given at least a 30 day grace period before the deletion during which he can clarify matters.

Article 8 (Notification to members)

  1. In the case that Air Premia notifies its member, it may be done via email that the member had submitted at the time of joining the membership.
  2. Air Premia may replace individual notifications sent to a large number of members with a notice posted on the Air Premia Web for at least one week. However, individual notifications shall be sent on matters that are material to the transactions of an individual member.

Article 9 (Establishment of a contract on application for purchases)

  1. Air Premia Web users may apply for the purchase of flight tickets using a method as designated by Air Premia.
  2. Air Premia may not grant approval of application for purchases noted in the previous clause if it falls under any of the following categories.
    • 1)If the registered information is false, missing certain parts or is incorrect
    • 2)If approval of the purchase r is deemed to go against the sales operations, policies and rules of Air Premia
  3. The contract is deemed to have been established at the time the approval of Air Premia reaches the user in the format where the reception can be verified, as per Article 11 Clause 1.
  4. The approval of Air Premia shall include information such as verification of the user’s application for purchase and correction or cancellation of the application for purchase.

Article 10 (Payment methods)

Payment for the goods and services purchased on Air Premia may be made using one of the following means.
  1. Payment by credit card
  2. Payment by points offered by Air Premia
  3. Other payment methods as designated by Air Premia

Article 11 (Notification with verification of reception, changes and cancellations of the application for purchase)

  1. If there is an application for purchase by the user, Air Premia shall send the user a notification with verification of reception.
  2. The user who receives the notification with verification of reception shall check the content to see if it matches his intent. If there are discrepancies, the user may immediately request a change or cancellation of the application for purchase. Upon such a request, Air Premia shall immediately process the request.

Article 12 (Personal data protection)

  1. Details of personal data protection shall be in accordance with the personal data processing policies posted on Air Premia Web.

Article 13 (Obligations of Air Premia)

  1. Air Premia shall not engage in acts prohibited by law or these terms and conditions or that violate common custom, but shall do its best in providing its goods and services in a sustainable and stable manner.
  2. Air Premia shall have secure systems to ensure safe internet services that can protect the personal data of users.
  3. Air Premia shall not engage in illegal displays or advertisements regarding goods and services under Article 3 of the Law on Fair Labeling and Advertisement.
  4. Air Premia shall not send advertisement emails against the wishes of the user.

Article 14 (Obligations regarding the member’s ID and password)

  1. The responsibility for the management of ID and password, excluding the use as stipulated in the personal data processing policy, lies with the member.
  2. Members are prohibited from letting a third party use their ID and password.
  3. If a member becomes aware that his ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, he should immediately notify Air Premia and follow the guidance of Air Premia.

Article15 (Obligation of users)

Users are prohibited from engaging in the following acts.
  1. Registration of false information at the time of membership application or change
  2. Unauthorized use of another person’s information
  3. Transmission or posting of information other than that designated by Air Premia (such as unauthorized computer programs)
  4. Infringement on the intellectual property rights such as copyrights of Air Premia or a third party
  5. Undermining the reputation of Air Premia or a third party or obstructing their business
  6. Disclosing or posting on Air Premia Web obscene or violent messages, images, videos or audio files that go against common decency

Article 16 (Relation between Air Premia Web and connected webs)

  1. Hyperlinks that connect Air Premia Web with another web(Example: Hyperlinks may include texts, images or videos)If Air Premia Web is connected with a hyperlink, Air Premia does not bear liability for the transactions occurring between the user and the connected web independently of Air Premia.

Article 17 (Ownership of copyrights and restriction of their use)

  1. Intellectual property rights including copyrights on items created by Air Premia shall belong to Air Premia.
  2. Users are prohibited from copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing or broadcasting for a profit or having a third party carry out any of the aforementioned acts concerning information that the users have acquired in the process of using Air Premia, without prior authorization from Air Premia.

Article 18 (Resolution of disputes)

  1. Air Premia has established and operates a grievance organization to receive the legitimate opinions or complaints of users and to process cases of paying damages.
  2. Air Premia prioritizes the processing of complaints or opinions submitted by the users. However, if prompt processing of the case is not possible, the users are immediately informed of the reason for delay and the anticipated timeline for processing.
  3. If a request for relief has been made by a user regarding a dispute over e-commerce that had occurred between Air Premia and the user, the case may be resolved through a mediation by a dedicated mediating organization that the Fair Trade Commission, Mayor of the City or Governor of the Province refers to.

Article 19 (Jurisdiction and applicable law)

  1. Suits between Air Premia and a user regarding e-commerce shall be filed with the Seoul Central Regional Court.
  2. Disputes between Air Premia and a user regarding e-commerce shall have the law of the Republic of Korea applied.

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