Free checked-in baggage

Size of carry-on baggage

  • The sum of the three sides must be 115cm or smaller. The maximum lengths of each side allowed are 55cm(A), 40cm(B) and 20cm(C).
  • The same criteria are applied to all routes and ticket classes.

Weight and quantitiy of carry-on baggage

Premium Economy Economy
Weight: Up to 10kg(22lbs), Quantity allowed: 2 Weight: Up to 10kg(22lbs), Quantity allowed: 1

  • In addition to the carry-on baggage, passengers may carry one extra personal item.
  • The size and weight of personal items: The sum of three sides must be 100cm or less(50cm for height, 30cm for width and 20cm for length) and the total weight of the carry-on baggage and personal item must not exceed 10 kg.
    • one piece of baggage(suitcase or backpack) + one additional personal item such as briefcase, duty free items, laptop, small bag etc.
  • Extra fees will be charged if the baggages and items exceed the free allowance limit.
    Information on checked baggage at the boarding gate 바로가기


  • Carry-on baggage is allowed inside the cabin and is the responsibility of the passenger. It must be small enough to be stowed away in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • All items are included in the allowance for carry-on items, but items needed for infants, children and the elderly may be allowed inside the cabin as an extra.
    • ​Canes, crutches or assisting devices of passengers who have mobility issues, personal wheelchairs, infant foods to be used during the flight, safety seats for infants or children and strollers that meet the criteria to be brought inside the cabin with the sum of their three sides being less than 115cm (However, even if the item is allowed inside the cabin, it may still be sent as checked-in baggage if space is lacking in the cabin or due to specific circumstances of the airline)
  • For large musical instruments (cellos, gayageums, geomungos, guitars, etc. whose sum of the three sides exceed 115cm) to be brought inside the cabin, an additional seat must be purchased.
  • In certain cases, items may be restricted from being brought into the cabin in accordance with the rules and procedures of the destination country or due to the restraints of the aircraft.
  • Items prohibited from being brought inside the cabin
  • ​Firearms that release bullets, including guns and handguns
  • Devices used to paralyze another person, such as an electronic shocking device or pepper/acid sprays
  • ​All types of knives or swords, or items that have sharp tips or edges such as scissors
  • Items that may be used as weapons, such as baseball bats, bowling balls or dumbbells
  • ​Chemical substances, toxic substances, explosives or inflammable substances
    ※ Please do not bring these prohibited items on board as you may be subject to a prison sentence of two to five years or a fine of 20 million to 50 million won under Article 44 of the [Flight Security Act].
  • For passengers convenience and in-flight safety, travel amenities that may restrict access to emergency exits/aisles or disturb other passengers are not allowed to be used in the cabin.
    (e.g. Bed Box, Fly Legs Up, Fly-Tot, Plane Pal, Inflatable Cube, and any other similar items)

Size of checked-in baggage

  • The sum of the three sides must be 158cm or smaller

Weight and quantitiy of checked-in baggage

Category Premium Economy Economy
All routes other than America
Weight: Up to 32kg(71lbs), Quantity allowed: 1 Weight: Up to 23kg(51lbs), Quantity allowed: 1 Weight: Up to 15kg(33lbs), Quantity allowed: 1
Weight: Up to 32kg(71lbs), Quantity allowed: 2 Weight: Up to 23kg(51lbs), Quantity allowed: 2 Weight: Up to 23kg(51lbs), Quantity allowed: 1
  • If two or more passengers with the same booking number check-in simultaneously, the number of pieces allowed following the baggage allowance for each passenger may be combined. However, the weight per each piece cannot exceed the allowance granted per person.
    - EX) Criteria: If two passengers in Economy Lite have the same booking number,
    - Check-in two pieces(1pc/20kg, 1pc/20kg) of baggage on a flight Korea-Americas: No need for extra purchase
    - Check-in two pieces(1pc/30kg, 1pc/10kg) of baggage on a flight Korea-Americas: Extra purchase needed (for being in excess of the allowed weight by 7kg)
    - Check-in only one piece(1pc/20kg) of baggage on a flight Korea-Northeast Asia: Extra purchase needed (for being in excess of the allowed weight by 5kg)

    You can purchase additional allowance for checked-in baggage at a discount if the purchase is made at least 48 hours before departure. (price is based on departure from Korea)


  • To prevent safety incidents, the weight of the baggage should be 32kg or less. Any items in excess of 32kg may be rejected.
  • The checked-in baggage allowance for children or infants for whom a children’s fare has been paid is the same as the allowance for passengers who have paid an adult fare.​​
  • In the case of infants/children, one stroller, car seat or bassinet may be checked in, in addition to the regular baggage allowance.
  • In the case of passengers with mobility issues, one wheelchair or other assisting device may be checked for free, in addition to the above regular baggage allowance.
  • Valuables, documents or samples, including electronics such as laptop computers, mobile phones, cameras, video recording devices and MP3 players, items that are not appropriately packaged, items that may spoil, currency, jewelry, securities, pharmaceutical products, personal identification documents, keys, artwork, and antiques cannot be sent as checked-in baggage.
  • If your itinerary has multiple legs, please make sure during check-in whether your baggage will be sent automatically onto the connecting flights to the final destination.
    (Automatic forwarding of checked-in baggage may not be available depending on the circumstances of the layover airport or the airline)

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